Dear Books,
You have always been there for me when I desperately needed to escape reality or when I just wanted to have some adventure.”Cheap Thrills” that’s what I called you when I couldn’t afford to buy those fancy new editions and scouted through dozens of used book stores to see if I will find a cheaper edition to it. The most exciting vendor on the train was the bookseller because I knew he would hold the latest of releases I be looking for.. I even joined libraries and borrowed books from friends.I sat in crossword stores rushing through pages too expensive to purchase. I even downloaded countless apps that promised free books just to make sure I don’t miss out on the best stories you have to tell me.

 A few years later I had enough money to save for a kindle because I learned early on that all books are cheaper as an ebook. I envied people that could buy books and clicked pretty pictures. Edition after edition. I stalled celebrating my love for you because I felt I am not a true lover of books if I don’t read it in its original form. 

Let’s put it out there.. you are high maintenance.. i need a wall full of books and book merchandise.. I need multiple editions and massive book hauls of latest releases.. i need to read particular types or those popular stories you have to offer and all those shenanigans before calling myself your lover. It’s just peer pressure why I kept suppressing my love for you But here is the thing, I love you for you. No matter what format you exist in. I am not fussy. The basic hardcovers without the dust jackets will do.. you don’t have to have a particular cover or have large fonts or floppy pages. I love you for what you are. A portal to get lost in.. the words that tell me a story, for making me the person I am right now, for letting me get through those hard nights and giving me some company when I felt I don’t fit in. But most of all… for giving me perspective and helping me understand. 

There is so much I owe to you.. but for now all I have is appreciation and love .Thankyou for existing in my life. I will always love you. 

Yours Nica.