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This is an all new monthly blog post that will be featured on the last day of every month. So, here I feature all the amazing fan art, fanfiction, and just plain old fan girling for my most cherished Books, movies, Animes, KDramas and TV Series.


Life of a bookworm: Review: Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo

Last Year, I successfully completed all the books in the Grisha World, except the novellas. πŸ˜› But that is okay right?
I am totally obsessed with all things Grisha ever since.:P Today, I show some love to the Six of Crows duo logy.

By Lizalot

I absolutely adored Nina and Matthias. Their star crossed love story is so adorable and I cried big fat tears with how they ended up. Nina deserves so much better. Also Nina and Inez are best friend goals.

Also this Ketterdam Poster is on my wishlist.


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I had the longest fictional crush on Lee Seung Gi after watching Hwayugi. However, my new found crush is no doubt Ji Chang Wook. Can we just appreciate how pretty he is. Also the action scenes in The K2 and the cliche cuteness made me drool.


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So, I finished the book – YOU and the Season 1 on Netflix. While I can’t get over the fact how toxic it is to be attracted to Joe’s character.. Joe as a character is extremely witty and he reads books and the way he thinks is so attractive. OMG. However, I am genuinely worried for Taylor Swift. πŸ˜›


I recently watched and reviewed Chhapaak that highlights the growing acid attacks in India. This movie is extremely heart touching and provokes you to question the system of the need to sell such dangerous product so widely and unregulated. Deepika and her team carry out a social experiment in Mumbai where without any trouble collect about 24 acid bottles. This is rather rather sad to witness but definitely amuch needed important topic to discuss with your peers. Be the change you want to see in the world.


I think Rayla was telling Callum about King Harrow

So this month, I finished watching The Dragon Prince S1 on Netflix and OMG…I can’t tell you how much I ship Callum and Rayla.
I found this hilarious fanfic based around Rayllum and I’m dying.

Image result for bait the dragon prince

Also, can we appreciate how well each character is developed in this series. Even BAIT – who is Ezran’s pet, companion and best friend. Bait’s skin color changes to reflect his every changing moods – grump being the constant state fo emotion.

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