Hello Readers! October was a month where I re-watched a few Bollywood movies in excitement of visiting India, mainly watched a lot that included documentaries, movies and k-dramas all leaning towards the thriller and creepy genre, ending it with a bitter sweet finale of my favorite rom-com. Also of course,Continue Reading

We are finally done with 2020. I did not read a hell lot of books. Out of 60 books I had planned on reading at the beginning of 2020, I only managed to finish 53. But this year wasn’t entirely a failure. I read some pretty amazing books overall. BeforeContinue Reading

Hello Book Lovers, Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday’s post! Let me start by mentioning how hard this was for meΒ  becauseΒ  I can’t just for the life of me decide on my favorite characters.Β  πŸ™‚ I consciously haven’t mentioned the obvious ones like Harry PotterΒ  and Percy Jackson, sinceContinue Reading

I recently made a post where I recommend Five Children’s Fiction I still love as an Adult! Since I don’t want to list down the same set of books again, I am going to do 5 Bookish Favorites and 5 Non-Bookish Childhood Favorites! πŸ˜€ Let’s Begin: Chacha Chaudhary Series! ChachaContinue Reading

I have been in love with reading before Instagram was known as Bookstagram or Youtube was known as Booktube. Infact when I discovered Bookstagram or Booktube I was always discouraged to join the community, (you probably will guess why once you read the post) but yes… I did not feelΒ Continue Reading

I turned 25 years old last month, and I am officially a young adult. So I am happy to like a genre within my age group πŸ˜› I really thing I should appreciate that fact since it will be the only time I will say this πŸ˜› I predict toContinue Reading

I read 71 Books in 2018 and how! It did indeed has been an extremely life changing year for me. I moved countries, I changed my Job, I was literally a mess in my personal life. But I have come through and have had some amazing books to cherish forContinue Reading