The Case Of The Missing Will By Agatha Christie

I wanted to pick up a quick read to feel more “accomplished” as every other part of my life seems to be stuck in a rut.
The last Hercule Poirot Mystery I read by Agatha Christie was The ABC Murders.. I remember how invested I was in the plot to find out who the killer really was. Poirot has been one of my favorite detective characters before my Sherlock Holmes phase actually began. So, I decided to revisit one of his shorter mysteries and this one originally appeared in the October 31, 1923 issue of The Sketch magazine has certainly reignited my love for mystery novels.


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In Agatha Christie’s short story, “The Case of the Missing Will,” Poirot must help clever student Violet Marsh meet the terms of an unusual will by her Uncle Andrew. She must live in his house for a month and “prove her wits” if she is ever to receive his fortune. But is there another will?


Leave it to Agatha Christie to weave a mysterious plot in barely 13 pages. To be honest, I wanted to pick up a detective novel but felt kind refrained form the typical murder mysteries. Partly, because I had just finished watching the Lost Girls Movie on Netflix the other night 😛
So, a mystery about a missing will excited me.

Even though the story feels a bit dated, with Violet’s Uncle wanting her to be a home maker instead of supporting in her academic aspirations.I think this specific detail would make a good topic of discussion for a book club or a reading assignment. He tries to ridicule her by hiding the will and asks to use her wits to find it. In return, Violet hired Poirot and that’s when we start to see the detective in action.

I found the ending a bit too rushed and ambiguous like most short stories.However, it does have that Agatha Christie vibe with how the whole story came together.
Since, I was already familiar with Hastings and Poirot as a character I found it fairly easy to enjoy the story. I wouldn’t say it was amazing but it was a fairly good read. It definitely made me want to pick up another mystery novel which in my point of view is a good genre for me to get through my reading slump.


Overall, This Hercule Poirot Mystery is a good enough read if you’re familiar with Agatha Christie and her characters but not the one I would suggest if you’re just starting out with her work.


Published: January 1st 2019 ( First Published 1923)
Genre: Mystery| Short Story
Pages: 13
Publisher: Dreamscape Media

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