I recently have finished suits and I’m in love with each and every character and the whole premise in general. Here is a list of books I think that these suits character’s would read


Mike Ross

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The main protagonist of the show! Honestly, I never thought I would get so invested with how a con man ends up. But he has the right amount of sob story, guilt and ambition in him.

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Rachel Zane

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Rachel is ambitious and I found her first case quite powerful too. She is also a foodie and did take a case on racial discrimination.

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Harvey Spector

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I have a crush on this man. He is witty and I have a thing for people that are self obsessed. πŸ˜› Harvey is absolutely a wonderful character in the entire show

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Donna Paulson

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I rooted for Harvey and her to be a couple since season 1. I am so glad how they ended up by the end of this show. She loves Shakespeare and acting and is a complete badass along with being awesome.

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Jessica Pearson

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Jessica is ambitious and the managing partner. I love how she is so focused when it comes to taking care of her business. She totally reminds me of Khaleesi though with all the mind games and strategic planning

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Louis Litt

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Louis is quite a memorable character . He cares about the firm and is a lover of the law. He is emotionally driven and is wanting to be on the top of the pyramid

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