I watched yet another Tamil Movie yesterday. Nibunan is a cop oriented movie where the cop is the hero and the criminal is eventually caught after a cat and mouse chase. I realized almost all South Indian Movies I have watched have significant cop characters in them. Interesting!


Arjun Sarja in Nibunan (2017)

A deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and his two subordinates are on a mission to hunt down a psychotic serial killer, whose murder patterns and method are always so flawless and ironclad. The investigation leads the trio down the dark paths of the case, where they discover a haunting secret.


    If there is one thing I love about this movie is the doll themed serial killing concept. It’s a bit sadist to say it that way though.:P But the whole thought process of the masks and the numbers on their back and stuff was at least something that looked like a concept that was thoroughly worked on before filming the movie.
    The action scenes were quite typical. The typical hero background music. The hero not able to fight for the particular period and then suddenly gains all his strength and with luck is the one that kills the villain. Hero being the alpha male kind of person and the best at what he does. and stuff like that… So well. I guess things are over done.
    This was a major put off in the entire movie. The movie shows a possible sequence of the murder case speculated by the police and it did not board well with me. I did not like how this case was portrayed in this movie at all. But then again, this was like a popular case and the media questions the girl’s character and the parents involvement. Oh well!

Rating: ★★★

Overall, This movie is a one time watch only for the serial killing concept. Otherwise, I would say it’s not a memorable one as such. The Police is not that great, neither is the motive story of the criminal or the case that is discussed. I guess what was fun to see the murders were planned and that got three stars alone so I really liked that part.


Release : 2017
Language: Tamil | Kannada
Genre : Action, Crime,
Streaming On: Netflix

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