Indian Matchmaking : The Desi Millennial’s Horror Story| S1 | 2020

So I binge watched, more like hate watched Indian Matchmaking on Netflix and I am angry, annoyed, sad and terrified with this. I truly believed Netflix India could not stoop lower than Mrs. Serial Killer. But, they just took this to a whole another level of bullshit.


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I honestly have no idea where to begin with this series. There is so much wrong. It’s so bad it’s good! It’s like the worst nightmare . Everything about “DESI” I do not like. I honestly could rant about this for hours and still feel I haven’t said enough.. But I am going to try and be more articulate – Here is what I absolutely hated –

The Arrange Marriage Fiasco
I don’t have a problem about this because it features arranged marriages which I am not a fan of particularly. I am kind of open to the idea that love can be found in unexpected places, I just don’t believe the matchmaking process has the right approach. I read “A Suitable Boy” earlier this year and it revolves around the same topic and I loved that book.
I guess the major problem with this is that it glorifies the traditional arranged marriages that look at a person’s caste, color , economic status and the gender equality when it comes to be an Indian Marriage Material.
On top of that, we have the added superstitious shenanigans going on like the astrologer, face reader and horoscope that needs to go well.

Let’s just assume the show producers really had good intentions of highlighting these issues in the form of a Reality TV. It’s even more horrific to know this kind of mindset exists in the 21st Century. Especially how the woman has to be more “adjusting”, “compromising” and “sanskaari”.
It’s scary to still see parents having such a huge role in who their child marries. It’s one thing to look for a partner that is ideal one, it’s a whole another problem when the ideal one can only be someone that is fair, tall and from the same caste. Like what is wrong with the children, forget the parents they have their outdated mindset to blame.

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The Mom :

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I am absolutely shook with this. Who teaches their son to have such a mindset about their partner. Like what the fuck is this? Why can’t a girl be ambitious and career oriented?


The reason it bothers me so much is because everything in this is true to an extend it’s absolutely shameful. Yes it is no matter how much I want to deny it. It’s one thing to read it in a fiction story like ” A Suitable Boy” and feel shameful and whole another to put a face to these people that actively practice racism, cast ism and classism in the name of tradition.

These little snippets added in the beginning of the show that the supposedly happy couples with arrange marriages that have lived together being a living proof that this kind of matchmaking works. And the absolute lack of their choice in getting married to this particular person is zero. All their answers seem like well, now that I got stuck with this person for life, I realized I have to adjust and compromise. WOW. And, that snippet had to influence the YOLO generation?
And just to add to Sima Aunty’s comment on how love marriages break like a biscuit, none of her matches have taken it further to a wedding. So this was all for a show? Wah!

Also, this whole time I was grateful that I was neither Sima Auntie’s daughter and nor Preeti’s Bahu. I would die. I am not kidding. I was so sorry for Sima Auntie’s daughter that she has to go through this, and she has her own netflix documentary called ” A Suitable Girl” like WOW.

Overall, Indian Matchmaking is the nightmare I hope I do not live to see happen to me. Can’t stress this enough! If it’s even possible I am even more grateful I have already found the love of my life I see a future with and it took me 4 fucking years to be get to this stage. LOL. I’m just going to leave it at this tweet that I resonate with so much.


Release : 2020
Episodes: 8
Genre : Reality TV
Streaming On: Netflix.

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