I have started work again and moved to a new place. I am missing Mom’s food currently and just the comfort of living with my parents and being pampered. Now, that I have to do my cooking and the laundry every day on my own, it’s getting a bit outContinue Reading

With everything happening in my life and the world, I really needed to re visit some really good movies that could give me I don’t know… hope maybe?The Terminal although inspired by true events will always remain one such movie to me that leaves me with a very optimistic approachContinue Reading

Finally done with watching this amazing Kdrama with Mom. πŸ˜€ NOw, onto watching Goblin. Is it only me or do all KDrama shows have this”coincidence factor” done too much. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Eun Bong Hee is a prosecutor trainee who unfortunately becomes a murder suspect. Noh Ji Wook whoContinue Reading