Super stumped with discovering such amazing Asian web series this year.


As the son of a reputed judge gets involved in a hit and run, we see how even the most upright people break In order to save their family. The judge sacrifices relationships and subverts the law to save his son from a vengeful gangster.


A few episodes into the series, I realized this is actually a Israeli show that’s remade into an indian version. Having watched nothing from Israel before , this was extremely refreshing.. and quite a thrilling crime drama series
I watched the trailer online and the remake seems very true to the original as well.

The acting in this series is top notch except for one particular person. – Abeer. He is dumb to a level it seems extremely annoying. Although, the other characters like the Judge, Police, The Criminals, the Lawyer and Kashi – all play a significant role in the story and have done an amazing job.
The fact that it’s equally strong on plot makes this series even better.


The story is extremely plot driven, and will keep you binge watching the entire series as it just keeps getting intense at the end of every episode. The judge knows all the laws and he keeps twisting it for his benefit and working with the loopholes in the system. Quite interesting to watch.

Rating: ★★★★

Your Honor has made me actively look up Series from SonyLiv. Even though a remake, this was absolute gripping and worth a shot. Even though the pacing of this is slow, it kept me interested until the end and has multiple plot twists that will keep you engaged. Saying that, there a lot of dialogues in Punjabi that did not have a translation and I wish it did.


Release : 2020
Episodes: 12
Language: Hindi
Genre : Action
Streaming On: Sonyliv

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