Short Films are becoming my thing off late. This newly released film featuring Prajakta Koli has been so refreshing.
It’s amazing to see such a multi layered story in a span of barely 30 minutes.


A small town girl named “Asha” from Haryana suddenly wants to play handball for her school team. The town and her peers are quite amazed to see her try. A story of a girl that needs to strive so hard for even the little things she wants to do in her life.


    The story stands out for it’s exceptional plot line. It’s not about the game for her, it’s just the ability to wear those shorts and play a sport. It’s as little a victory as this that makes this story so unique and thought provoking.
    All she wants to do is be free and be able to wear what she wants without being judged and shamed. Her struggle to achieve that speaks volumes about how far we need to go in order to liberate the mindset of judging girls based on what they wear.
    Asha is a dreamer. The plot twist – she is terrible at hand ball. Her ultimate goal though is to be selected for her school team and she works hard for it. She teaches herself techniques through Youtube and practices until she gets better.
    It’s only by luck she is selected but her happiness has no bounds when she finally gets a chance to wear those shorts. That scene is so powerful. The title of the movie “Khayali Pulao” which means “Building Castles in the Air” is about her aspirations to do something so ordinary without being discouraged. She hence cooks up a plan that she seems to get away with.
    I guess it just proves – if you have the will, you will somehow find the way to do it. No matter what the obstacle.

    This kind of gives you a reality check on how privileged you are as a person living in a society that allows you to wear what you want, be independent, and gives you the freedom of choice. I don’t have to think twice or struggle about being on Facebook, or wearing shorts or taking up a sport. So, to think about thousands of girls only dreaming of being able to do this and live in constant fear of being shamed and judged by the society chained by customs and hundred year old traditions is extremely sad to know.I understand, I will never understand their struggle but I hope things get better.
    For some reason it reminds me of this quote which is actually from a whole different context but sounds quite fitting for this story.
    People that come from small towns are often looked down upon, the most recent incident of the class wars between people that use Tiktok and Youtube was so unnecessary but it just shows how we treat people that dare to have the same dreams as us but come from a different background.

Rating: ★★★★

Overall, This short film was worth a watch, and demands you to be grateful for the little things you are able to do. Also, how beautiful it is to dream and embark on a journey to achieve it. The hope and the victory that follows is worth the struggle. Always.


Release : 2020
Language: Hindi
Genre : Short Film
Streaming On: Youtube.