Mere Pyare Prime Minister | 2018

Once in a while I come across movies that deliver an important message and changes your perspective. This movie is just that. Meanwhile, I am coping with leaving my hometown by watching movies based in Mumbai. ๐Ÿ˜€


A story about four children living in a Mumbai slum in India. An eight-year old Kanhu writes a letter to the Prime Minister after a dramatic incident with his mother. A small boy has to achieve the impossible.


  • This movie, is a young boy’s story of how he wants to make his mom’s life better after she gets raped while on her way back home from her nature’s call.

  • While, the film deals with a very heavy themes, like rape, STD awareness , poverty , children used by drug dealers , the director hasn’t strayed from the real issue of the lack of toilets.

  • I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, and even though it is the financial city of India,  It is disappointing how it’s mainly known for it’s tourist spot Dharavi  -Known as The Visual Representation Of Poverty In India.

  •  It definitely is a growing issue and one that shouldn’t be ignored and taken action on. This movie is just that – An awareness of the basic needs of people that need to be addressed before making sky-height statues of politicians.

  • If you have ever taken a train early morning in Mumbai, you will see a row of people defecating on the railway lines, while apparently that is what me and my friends call  poor people’s porn, the sad truth is they do not have a place to defecate privately. Meanwhile, all we do is turn our face the other way, People like Kanha and his families are struggling to be provided with basic hygiene.

  • I would also like to appreciate the lover’s concern of getting her checked for STD which  delivers an important message to people that are victims of such horrendous crimes. He offers to do it himself, and then asks her to do it with him, which is such a good gesture of support and done so subtly. India as a country is not so forward on keeping personal safety over social acceptance.

  • The only not so great part about the movie was the the children’s journey to Delhi. I feel I would love to see a little more of them getting into the real world on their own, even though they already face a lot of sad truths about their life on an everyday basis.

  • I liked the scene where the children act dead and collect money , or do the same stringing through peoples religious beliefs which apparently is a very common sight to see in India.

  • Like every Other Bollywood Movie, this too has some songs and I loved the Title Track of this one.

Mere Pyare Prime Minister, is a slice of life movie which you might witness or come across in your day to day life in Mumbai, however  from a different perspective altogether. I feel it rather is an important movie and is worth the watch.

Rating: โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โฃ


Release : 2018
Language: Hindi
Genre : Slice Of Life
Starring : Anjali Patil
Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Streaming On: Netflix.

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