My Top Ten Unpopular Bookish Opinions

I have been in love with reading before Instagram was known as Bookstagram or Youtube was known as Booktube. Infact when I discovered Bookstagram or Booktube I was always discouraged to join the community, (you probably will guess why once you read the post) but yes… I did not feelย  like a “legit” boon lover at times. That feeling has diminished over the years though .and i honestly stopped caring about pretty pictures or book hauls. :p

So, without further ado lets begin the rant :

  • I do not enjoy Re – Reading Books.

I do have a list of favorite books,and I love reading reviews of books I have read and I love skimming through my favorite parts sometimes. But i just can’t re – read books . I honestly don’t enjoy the process.

  • I prefer Ebooks/ Audiobooks over Paperbacks.

Paperbacks have their own sense of enjoyment, and I understand the hype and excitement about holding a book in your hands, and the sound of turning pages and the sense of accomplishment when you finish the last page of a big book is incredible. I know.ย  I still always find myself picking up the digital version of a book, in fact I am always jumping between the two versions if I am reading a paperback.
Also, Ebooks are convenient, and affordable to my lifestyleย  and I can write notes and highlight as much as I want without feeling guilty of destroying the book. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Not a Book Hoarding Fan.

I do not really hoard books.ย  Since most of my paper backs are books borrowed from the library or a friend. The question of hoarding books and having pretty bookshelves doesn’t arise. Also, I am not someone to buy a physical copy of a book I have already read, no matter how much I loved reading it.
I also often myself deleting ebooks I have read, because I need more digital space.
Still a hoarder of unwanted images and aย  random apps I don’t use

  • Do not fuss about Editions/ Covers.

Since I am not a book hoarder and don’t really read paperbacks that much I am rarely concerned about the cover or the Edition of the book. Even though I sometimes find myself staring at a book cover more than intended, I just don’t feel the need to acquire it. I also don’t get the fuss about editions.ย  I honestly feel the main core of the book is the story, and as long as that remains the same. Nothing really gets me hyped up more than the book itself. If you know what I mean !

  • I am not fazed by spoilers.

I am the least concerned about someone spoiling me about a book or a movie. I really don’t really hype a book too much before reading it.ย  I am more of a “Oh! This book seems quite popular, need to read that!” and get back to life kind of person. I happen to have got some spoilers and I still have enjoyed the book , or rather eagerly anticipated the spoiler while reading the book.
For instance, Me and my friend were given spoilers when someone told us Professor Dumbledore dies, and while it devastated my friend. I was rather more excited to read the book.

  • Classics are over hyped.

I always find people judging me for not reading classics or a popular book.ย  I did make a resolution to at least read a few over the years, however I do not understand the weird sense of pride in reading a classic book.
Like here is a thought : Classics / Popular do not mean I have to like it and just because I did not like a classic doesn’t mean I did not dissect the true meaning of the book, and failed to understand the true message. I do , I just din’t enjoy it.

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  • Not a Hater of Tropes.

I find a lot of people hating typical tropical like Love Triangles ,Enemies turned to lovers or Insta Love. Personally, I don’t really care much about it, If delivered the right way.
I would not judge a book just because it has a Love Triangle and decide that I won’t like the book.ย  I am more neutral on tropes. I do not care much about it.

  • Do not have a Reading Nook .

I usually read on my way to work, waiting for the train, in the toilet, little 5 minute breaks I take at my desk when I am pretending to work, on my way home, when I am waiting for my food to arrive, and when I am in bed, with the light offs and just about to sleep.

What I mean is, I read almost anytime and anywhere. I do not have a dedicated time slot or a reading nook where I light my candle, and get a blanket and read my book.
I tried to do that on weekends and I did enjoy it.ย  I just don’t see myself being able to do it as a ritual. Since, reading for me is a sense of escaping from what I am supposed to do.

  • I Loveย  Watching Book Review Videos.

I know it isn’t the most popular type of booktube content, but I love watching them. I do not understand the hype about TBR, Hauls and Unhauls . I kind of think of them too boring.
I do love watching wrap-ups though since it’s like a mini review of the books they read.

  • Sometime’s Book adaptations are better.

I do love reading a book if there is a book adaptation . But I am not that annoying person in the cinema feeling all grumpy about the movie not being better than the book.
I apparently like seeings a few tweaks done in the book adaptation.

Do you have any unpopular bookish Opinions ? Lets Chat!


  1. I get most of my books from the library too! I kinda agree with you on the tropes thing, but also out many tropes on my list ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ณ I’ve seen not hating spoilers on a few lists and I see your point, but I’m not a fan. Also not fussed about editions and covers! And think people who collect lots of one book are a little mad ๐Ÿ˜‚ great list!
    My list: