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Indian Matchmaking : The Desi Millennial’s Horror Story| S1 | 2020

So I binge watched, more like hate watched Indian Matchmaking on Netflix and I am angry, annoyed, sad and terrified with this. I truly believed Netflix India could not stoop lower than Mrs. Serial Killer. But, they just took this to a whole another level of bullshit. WHAT IS IT …


All The Ingredients for the “Favorite Series”Recipe ft. Control Z |S1| 2020

I have mixed feelings about this one. Control Z reminded me of multiple series like Sherlock Holmes, You and Thirteen Reason Why. It almost felt like it took all the good parts of these series I liked and made this one series which is supposed to be the best thing …

TV Series Fandoms

13 Reasons Why | Jeff setting up a date for Clay and Hannah | Fan-Fiction

Head canon: Jeff setting up a date for Clay and Hannah. I couldn’t get enough of seeing Hannah and Clay together… and was inspired by the above image from the show. Genre: Fluff ● Jeff and his Girlfriend are come to watch a movie, and meets Hannah and Clay at the food …