My Love From The Star |2013

I wasn’t really a person that loved stories that involve Alien Invasion. Until Now!

I binge – watched this series and it not only made me cringe but also made my heart weep. Yet again, this was not just a cute love story for me, it made me question life as a human and the short time we live .
Is it more important to live a long life or is it important how you live your life?

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An Alien that is stuck on Earth for about 400 years now, has his final 3 months to go…
The odds are he meets the girl he fell in love with 400 years ago, and falls in love with her again.  Now if that’s not cringe – worthy enough. This Alien has super powers of stopping time, teleportation and reading minds. Now imagine using these powers to kiss your girl, save her and most of all know what really is going on in her head. AWESOME.


Do Min Joo’s character is the most that I loved in this entire series. Also, the fact that he looks super hot and does super cute cringe worthy things to please his girl doesn’t help me pay attention to other male characters in the show.
Apart from each character have their own back story and the lead romance, I love how different themes like the love triangle, human and alien relationships, one sided love, jealousy and psychopath thickened the plot and made this so much interesting to watch.

What really makes this drama a hit, are the characters. I loved the acting, and even the special effects of the alien. I am so glad this has a happy ending,  a little unconventional but yet a happy ending.

I loved the tension between the two brothers, and how it plays out over the last few episodes. This drama has kisses, hugs, cliche moments, action, and intense villainy scenes and a drop dead gorgeous professor from another world.

I totally recommend this series, to a beginner or anybody who wants to enjoy a good emotional turmoil.

Do you have any K-Drama  recommendations for me? Lets Chat!

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