Holiday Rush | 2019

Netflix has like tons of Holiday Movies to Watch! And here I was, hoping I’d manage to find enough Holiday Movies for this season.

Holiday Rush has been a good pick for the holidays since it has the realistic approach to the festive season that everyone has something to relate to.


Single dad and radio DJ Rashon “Rush” Williams (Romany Malco) loses his job right as his four entitled kids share their pricey Christmas lists. To keep Rush on the air in Pittsburgh, his producer and aunt plan to help him buy another station – if the Williams family can downsize fast and embrace a simpler life. In this heartwarming film, a loving father reconnects with his children when they all learn that true joy comes from who you have, not what you have.


True joy comes from not what you have but who you have around you. This movie gives out a beautiful message about the core behind celebrating Christmas or any festival in general.

I loved how the movie adds in the essence of the typical Christmas Vibes and all –  decorating the house, putting up the tree and the lights,children expecting gifts and the parents calculating the amount of expense that is involved keeping up with all the traditions.

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The kids are rather annoying but since they are going through a lot of changes and are portrayed to be teenage brats, I probably will let that go. πŸ˜›

I loved the chemistry between Rush and Roxy. I was almost rooting for them from the very first scene and I am so happy they found each other in the end. Also, Roxy’s hair is just goals.

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This movie is just a documentary of what every other family goes through during Christmas. Life is not suddenly magical and happy just because it’s the holiday season but oh well, if we have faith and keep the right people around us, it’s nothing less than magical either!

Overall, It is a beautiful movie that highlights the importance of family values.

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…


Release : 2019
Language: English
Genre : Festive | Rom-Com
Streaming On: Netflix.

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