I watched Two Cops a while ago, and I have finally decided I want to talk about it. This wasn’t a fresh concept, but I did enjoy watching the show. It had the crime thriller element that gets me hooked every single time and the hint of romance and comedy thats

good enough to get me smiling.


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Cha Dong-Tak is a detective in pursuit of justice. A swindler’s spirit takes possession of his body. The detective and swindler’s spirit cooperate to solve cases. The detective falls in love with a reporter.



Like every crime thriller K- Drama I’ve seen until now, this too deals with corruption and abuse of power and how the domino effects of it on people. Saying that, this still has enough plot twists that kept me watching until the end even though, some were a tad bit predictable. I’m starting to thing this is the kind if trope I enjoy in stories. I loved how there is a lot of other characters, precisely other policeman that are also showing good work and are given the limelight once in a while despite the “hero” cop and his macho-ness.

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The real entertaining factor in the otherwise intense is the element of a criminal’s ghosts in a cop’s body. I loved the scenes where the criminal tries to right the wrongs and “tries” to save the day through his own cunning ways.

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Like any other K-drama this too has a love triangle. But, what I truly enjoyed more is the bromance between the cop and the criminal. It’s a love hate relationship obviously because of their way of living life. The criminal has a lot of cute moments and has a really cute smile. I guess I am going to wait a few more Dramas before adding him to my never ending eye- candy list though πŸ˜›

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RATINGS : 3.5/5.0

Overall, there is nothing entirely new and refreshing I found about this drama. However, it did have a lot of entertaining scenes and a combination of my most loved tropes. Except for that one trope I hate the most , where the female lead gets drunk and needs to be carried home. What’s with Korean stories showing how women can’t take care of herself ? I think I particularly hated this here, because the female lead is attempted to be shown as a stronger character than others at least in the beginning until they decide she is nothing but a damsel in distress.


Oh My Ghost KDRAMA. Apart from the obvious eye candy Jo Jung-Suk, this also focuses on a ghost that a women is posseted by and is trying to solve her untimely death.


Genre : Comedy, Romance , Fantasy
No Of Episodes: 16
Year Published : 2017

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