Finally broke the dry spell on Kdramas and back with another review for the latest Korean drama that has gone in my all time favorites list. Train is a sci-fi crime thriller story and those are genres I absolutely adore…


A hard-hitting detective who fearlessly dives into his work, Seo Do Won is relentless when it comes to bringing criminals to justice. Willing to take on any case, no matter how hard, Do Won has made a name for himself as a man who gets the job done. But when the woman he loves becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, his world completely changes. Literally. Mysteriously able to move between parallel universes, Do Won now lives in both worlds as a man who must pay for the sins of his father in one, and as a man forced to live a precarious life because of those sins in the other.



Firstly, this series is a bit hard to get into, especially because you are trying to figure out what is going on in the first two episodes at least. The scenes switch from one world to the other, where mostly things are pretty similar. It definitely is confusing and strange at times, but hang around and this will prove to be a hidden gem.

Yoon Shi Yoon's Upcoming Drama β€œTrain” Shares Look At Character  Relationships In Parallel Universes | Soompi


Because of the whole parallel world setting with everything similar, it promotes the idea of being the result of your own choices. That doesn’t change your fate but definitely influences how you approach it. Absolutely loved the kind of insight this brings to the table


Further to that, it also emphasizes on the butterfly effect of your actions that lead to your fate and how everything is connected. This and the above reason was the main reasons that I was fascinated by the show so much I had to binge watch episodes on a week night.

Some choices save lives and some kill. But even when they’re given a chance to pick a choice that will let them live or die, some people keep taking the road that will kill them. That is called fate


This is a crime thriller, we have murder and detectives solving a case finding the killer. The only thing different is that the crime is taking place in another world., and the criminal knows about the portal and dumping the bodies into another portal. I kind knew who the killer was before it was revealed which took away from that “aha” moment but it covers up with what an absolute heart wrenching motive the killer has too. Korean Dramas always such amazing villains , can’t even hate them properly. I always end up analyzing their perspective too.


Like all KDramas, we had to have a Love story but the whole parallel world love story is absolute goals. One of the quotes I have saved for later to use on my boyfriend πŸ˜›

“If you see him, you will die. You can never stop it.” “No, that’s not my fate. Meeting him however many times and living. That is our fate.”

RATING : 5.0/5.0

Overall, this was quite a refreshing crime thriller especially with the whole parallel world twist to it. I rarely get invested in the love subplots but omg this was too good. I cried at the end. It made me hoping parallel worlds exist and I get to meet the love of my life again and again.. How epic that will be…


Episodes : 12
Language: Korean
Genre : Sci-fi, Crime, Mystery