I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Once in a while I am grateful I am still subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. This is an absolute gem. Can’t wait for Season 2. I need to watch it like right now.


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Made In Heaven chronicles the lives of Tara and Karan, two wedding planners based in Delhi. India is a potent blend of old and new. Tradition jostles with modern aspirations against the backdrop of a Big Fat Indian Wedding revealing many secrets and many lies. The supposedly liberal fabric of the upper crust unravels as the duo navigate through arranged marriages, dowry transactions and virginity tests.



What starts as some big fat Indian wedding saga ends with so many social issues addressed in society. We have Karan who is gay and has to deal with homophobic people and Tara who has married someone out of her “class” and is constantly feeling that she cant match up to the status quo. Plus, her husband is a fucking pathetic man.
With regards to the weddings, we have issues like dowry, virginity, the idea of showing off in your wedding by taking loans that will take a life time to pay back. Every way that an arranged marriage goes wrong but again love is quite tainted in this as well. We have elderly couple being shamed for a second marriage and we have people marrying their daughters to a tree.
It’s an absolute gem. You need to watch this. This was raw and it doesn’t sugar coat anything.


The characters with their acting have done an absolute brilliant job. The plot is fantastic but the characters with their complexity really bring this story to life.. I adore Tara and Karan.. I wonder if this what being a wedding planner is like.. So much drama..:P

RATING : 5.0/5.0

Overall, I loved this. It’s only nine episodes and I really wished there was more. But this manages to bring out such a layered story in barely nine hours. Definitely worthy of a binge watch.


Genre : Drama, Romance
Language: Hindi , English
Episodes : 9

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