She Was Pretty |2015

“She Was Pretty” has got me hooked to Korean Drama Series!
This was my first ever Korean Drama I have watched and OMG… WHY SO CUTEEEEEE?????
I am literally fangirling about it with everyone I know, and I have started to receive annoyed reactions already but I can’t stop
So Obviously, I loved it and I definitely recommend you should watch this like right now.


“She Was Pretty” is a romantic comedy about two childhood friends who decide to meet again. However, Kim Hye-jin wasn’t pretty anymore, and Ji Sung-Joon failed to recognize her.
Ashamed to meet her first love and ruin his perception of her, Hye-jin asks her attractive best friend, Ha-ri, to appear in her place. Things, however, soon get complicated as Hye-jin was assigned to work at The Most magazine publishing office where Sung-Joon is the deputy chief editor. He openly mistreats and belittles her for her clumsy nature, not knowing that she was his real childhood friend. Ha-ri also continues to meet Sung-Joon, and soon develops feelings for him. On the other hand, Hye-jin finds a good friend in her workplace, Shin-hyuk, who slowly falls in love with her.



“She was Pretty” is not just a love story, which makes it so much enjoyable to watch. I absolutely adore the plot. It represents friendship, one-sided love, family and most of all symbolizes how it’s not everything to be pretty on the outside but the inside. I loved the cuteness and the cringe-worthy love between Kim Hye-Jin and Ji Sung Joon. like OMGGGGGG but I loved Shin-Hyuk’s friendship more. I liked how Kim Jin waits for a year to pursue her dreams and I like how the plot also features the working of a Magazine Company and it’s kinda also an important part in the story.




Apart from the obvious love triangle, I loved the friendship between Ha Ri and Kim Jin… Even though Ha Ri did the forbidden thing of getting close to her best friends man, Kim Jin was understanding and was willing to look at the situation from Ha Ri’s perspective. I loved Mr Cha and her professionalism and I loved to watch  Kim Jin’s Family.



Can we just take a moment and look at this stunning and adorable man, and appreciate his beauty. Shin-hyuk’s character is so cute and  he is such a good friend, and I feel so bad for him.. I have got a crush on a fictional character again, and it all leads to the lesser known disease called –  Second Lead Syndrome


Okay, So I am slightly disappointed with the fact that Kim Hye-Jin chose Ji Sung Joon and not Shin-Hyuk. Even though the story is awesome, and I absolutely adored the love and relationships between all the characters. My heart went out to Shin-Hyuk…


In real life, remember to pick the nice guy and who likes you for who you are. ><
It was totally okay if they both ended up together, that’s what the magazine theme was too… WHHYYYY ><
Focusing on the Side Characters……WHY DO THIS TO ME >< I am shattered ><

I obviously loved this TV Series though, and Shin Hyuk <3.  Go watch it right now, if you haven’t already! Would love to know your thoughts too.
Also, Looking for more recommendations for Korean Drams… Anybody?

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