Crown of Coral and Pearl by Mara Rutherford

I have been MIA on this blog for quite sometime now and only now have slowly started to build a routine again for this blog. Well, Life has been kept me busy with work and trying to catch up with some quality time with my long distance boyfriend and of course my academics. I did manage to read a few books though and Storytel has been a real booster to my reading goals over the past few months.

Now, a few thoughts on one of the recent audio books I listened to- Crown of Coral and Pearl


Crown of Coral and Pearl (Crown of Coral and Pearl, #1)

For generations, the princes of Ilara have married the most beautiful maidens from the ocean village of Varenia. But though every girl longs to be chosen as the next princess, the cost of becoming royalty is higher than any of them could ever imagine…



To be honest, this went far beyond my expectations for a debut novel. Although, the plot is predictable at times with the popular tropes of a commoner in a royal court and the treacherous politics that comes in play but it still manages to not have single dull moment which was rather impeccable in my standards.

I would say the story has a star crossed lovers vibe going on. However, the romance is not really the strongest part of this series.
Although, I loved how this book focuses on the world’s view of beauty with the girls being selected solely by their looks.

I wouldn’t say I am a total fan of the author but the writing style is not distasteful and I shall continue on with the series.


The strongest element in this book is its world building! I loved how the author touched points with her descriptions and how the character interacts with both contrasting settings.

theartofanimation:  Dominic Lavery

First we have Velaris – An Ocean Village which was quite a unique element to the story.
Then we have Ilara, which is a dryland.
Both these worlds have their respective myths and characteristics and are not in very good terms with each other apart from its “beauty pageantry”


I loved the representation of Twins. I have not read many books with twins as main characters. So, this was quite a refreshing take for me.

I love how different both are while having such evident similarities and connections. We have the villagers constantly comparing and trying to tear them down but I loved how they are there for each other always.

The villain in this book is unsurprisingly cruel and down right horrible which in my standards was too much of a cliche. I hated the Insta – Love vibes from this book and did not really care for the princes. So, it was a good thing we had the twin relationship duo in the background.


Overall, I am looking forward for the next book in the series and I loved the representation of societies outlook towards beauty along with the very interesting world building.


Published: August 27th 2019

Genre: YA | Fantasy

Pages: 432

Publisher: Inkyard Press

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