Bulbbul | 2020

Okay, so I like how Hindi Horror Movies are getting better with storytelling. This has the same vibe as what Stree gave me but much much better. Especially with the whole social message that this movie is successful in delivering.


Bulbbul (2020)

A man returns home after years to find his brother’s child bride now grown up and abandoned, and his ancestral village plagued by mysterious deaths.


The “chudail” that has twisted feet and kills men is one of the oldest spooky stories I have heard as a kid. And this movie is based out of just that. I was skeptical of how different they would be able to portray this story which is so over done already, but honestly I am impressed with how they go into the basics of why her feet are twisted or why she ends up killing these particular men. More like a detailed and realistic back story to this age old folklore.

Bulbbul that is married off to an old man when she was only a child, is just one of the social messages this movie tries to convey. As she gets older, she is attracted to the brother who is around the same age as her. This does not go well and the domestic violence adds up to her despair.
The story is multilayered and you can see how a society build on patriarchal values has proved to be a disaster for this particular girl. Even when she is deemed as the “thakurain

It was a bit too predicable for me, but the acting in this movie kept me interested, I loved both  Paoli Dam and Tripti Dimri the most.

Rating: ★★★★

Overall, This movie is worth the watch if you love your horror movies to be multilayered and not nonsensical. Apart from being a tad bit predictable it is extremely thought provoking and deals with multiple topics like child marriage, domestic violence and folklore.


Release : 2020
Language: Hindi
Genre : Horror
Streaming On : Netflix

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