Finally finished a TV Series Season, I have been struggling to sit and watch hour long episodes ever since work started. I just can’t seem to be bothered about staring at a screen after working for 8 hours straight.. so these 30 minute episodes really help me break the dry spell.
Also, my first Bengali web series…. Need to watch more regional stuff. These hidden gems are so underrated.


Kaali is a story which takes you on a cliffhanger ride where a mother has one night to save her son. Kaali delves into the unseen underbelly of Kolkata which is usually spoken about in hushed tones. Filled with hope, courage, danger and betrayal, Kaali is a multi-layered show that will give you jitters as it progresses towards the climax.


I guess the one thing that stands out is how this mother who is just another middle class woman ends up in a mess trying to save her son’s life. She is ready to go to any extent and unfortunately ends up in the web of crime. All she cares is the money that she needs for her son.
A good exploration into what lengths one can go up to for their loved one.

The mother, Kaali is the main protagonist in this series, and I love how strong minded she is, even though she is just another mother or a wife of a middle class household trying to hustle and get out of the the daily struggle to live a “good life”. She is separated from her husband who is a criminal and she wants to keep away from him as she wants a better future for her son. She is constantly looked at with lustful eyes from her landlord. She is a masseuse, and her job profile is always looked at as something that gives access to her body through various men.
And still, this lady seems to get on with the race against all odds. She finds courage with her ultimate goal of arranging money for her son’s operation and that itself is such a powerful portrayal of the unconditional love of a mother. In my point of view, Paoli Dam has done an incredible job in this one.
Hence, I found the name of the character and the web series quite befitting and well thought of.


The story is extremely plot driven, and will keep you binge watching the entire series as it just keeps getting intense at the end of every episode. However, my only complaint is they haven’t showed any mother-son duo relationship in this one. To be honest, it did not matter as much, because mothers don’t really care if their child is a good person or bad person to the world or to her, the love and the fight to save her child would remain the same. But, I would really enjoy more scenes with her son, her son hates her though that much is clear.

Rating: ★★★★

Overall, Kaali seems like a promising web series in the crime thriller genre, and I’ll be looking forward to watch the next season.


Release : 2018
Episodes: 8
Language: Bengali
Genre : Thriller
Streaming On: Zee5

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