All The Ingredients for the “Favorite Series”Recipe ft. Control Z |S1| 2020

I have mixed feelings about this one. Control Z reminded me of multiple series like Sherlock Holmes, You and Thirteen Reason Why. It almost felt like it took all the good parts of these series I liked and made this one series which is supposed to be the best thing that can ever happen but somehow it did not work for me as much. More like the time you have all the ingredients to make a recipe and you follow the rules but somehow it just doesn’t taste as good as they show it in those cooking shows


Control Z (2020)

When a hacker begins releasing students’ secrets to the entire high school, the socially isolated but observant Sofía works to uncover his/her identity.


Even though very similar to the whole Sherlock Holmes character arc, Sofia’s analysis was something interesting and made the series much more enjoyable to watch.
She is a loner and has her own secrets to hide, and has her own annoying flaws which I hope will be obvious when you watch it. but maybe it is just another stereotypical teen that will save the day but can’t get enough of her love problems.

Ana Valeria Becerril in Control Z (2020)

I probably can’t talk much about this , because the series most likely depends on the whole hacker and his black mail of revealing secrets.
This “hacker” gave me a lot of stalker ish vibes to be honest.
Also, why the fuck am I always attracted to the bad guys?

While, the plot is engaging, the story attempts to address issues that teens face like Bullying, Drugs, Gun Violence or coming out of the closet and seeking acceptance from your peers.
Its something I am never tired of seeing portrayed as I personally feel we obviously don’t have enough of such representation as we still have people that find it hard to understand such issues.

I don’t know if this is a sign of me getting older, but I couldn’t care less about typical high school drama and lack of responsibility and cliche moments this series had.
Also, what’s with adults being so dumb, I am yet to find adults that don’t understand the shit that teens are doing, because guess what we do go through the same shit and know when you’re acting messed up. Especially the Teachers and the Principal.
Also, unnecessary sexual scenes with absolutely no context makes teens look dumb and doesn’t help the plot. Sorry to be ignorant but I am yet to meet a person that would randomly start making out. I am sorry I wasn’t subscribed to this lesson of sexual tension while growing up and found it utterly absurd. Where is the cute high school romance?
And because it’s high school we have people being scared of their secrets being revealed and the gossip, bitching and drama that follows.
Also,why does every high school series have a super rich student with a lot of power … and money..

By now, I am guessing it makes it obvious this series lacks originality even though it includes exactly those tropes I liked in other stories. The plot, character arcs, including the themes are not original at all, which was really disappointing to watch.
Also, good looking actors do not mean good acting always. And, I found the acting poor. Not bad, just that it added to the disappointment.

Rating: ★★★.5

Overall, Control Z is worth a watch for the realistic issues it attempts to address. With only 8 episodes, it did not feel like it dragged a lot and I would definitely be watching the next season whenever that would be released. However, would hope for some originality.


Release : 2020
Episodes: 8
Genre : Crime, Drama
Streaming On: Netflix.

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