Everything is Fine | 2020 | Short Film Review

I have gotten really interested in watching Short Films lately. But, can’t find many I could be interested in. I probably need to google some recommendations list on the internet. But for now, I came across this Indian Short Film that was released on Mother’s Day.


‘Everything is fine’ is a powerful short that will make you pause and ask your mother, “How are you?” and truly listen to her reply like you have never listened before.


    A few seconds into the short film, it dawns on you this family works on patriarchy. The husband has tagged along with his wife to visit his daughter which was supposed to be an exclusive mother daughter time. Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume he might just want to spend some time with his daughter, the reason he gave his wife that she wouldn’t be able to take care of herself alone seems to be told by someone that looks down on his wife.
    He decides where the family will go and what they will do without taking into consideration what his wife or daughter want to do.
    ( I feel there is no specific single moment that makes you buzz the alarm, and at a glance it looks like a normal family and a couple that is just bickering. But It’s more of how he says it then what he says?)

    For such a short time, I found the aggressive behavior leaves quite an impact and hence wasn’t pleased when the mother literally tells her daughter she is living an unhappy life as I thought the scenes were quite self explanatory and was ironic to the title of the movie.
    What really makes this movie really worth watching is the out of character behavior of the mother . She is frustrated and tired and is looking for an escape. There is also a scene where she is trying to smoke and it says a lot about her desperation to escape the situation she thinks she is stuck in and her want of just getting out of the rut.
    How she hasn’t openly taken a decision or taken action on how she feels and decided to not choose happiness instead is probably because where the film is set and her age bracket which builds the mentality on such topics.
    So it home, and takes quite a punch on the cultural discouragement of such situations.

Rating: ★★★

Overall, This short film was worth a watch, and provokes you to take better care of your mother.. Just make sure you know there is an open communication about how she is feeling.


Release : 2020
Language: Hindi
Genre : Short Film
Streaming On: Youtube.