Sky Castle | 2018

I am honestly tired of people assuming K-Dramas are only about cute guys and cliche romance.
It is so much more – Sky Castle is just one of the many shows that leaves you with an after thought of change that’s required in the world with an important lesson to learn.


Wealthy residents of Sky Castle do their best to control the lives of their children and face consequences.


 The tension and suspense in this Drama just goes on and on, with multiple sub plots and everybody having their own problems.
I was literary left stressed anticipating what is going to happen next.

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In fact, it’s amazing how they managed to highlight all the characters in this series and did not sideline any of the issues.

There is the pressure of being the topper, the pressure of being compared to another kid’s IQ, the pressure of taking up a profession only for your parent’s sake and the pressure of going to a reputed college and the never ending stress about the long tuition.

This may seem like a nightmare but I could totally resonate with the story line as a person with an Asian background which made this Drama extremely personal on a certain level.

Then we have the parents! Although absolutely annoying, I understand they were only wanting the best for their kids. No matter how low they had to go for it. I also loved how every parent in this drama had a different approach towards the success of their kids and the way they looked back on their childhood or past and did some much needed introspection.

Kudos to the writers of this drama!

We also have a private tutor, who is an absolute bitch and the obviously the antagonist in the story. But, her backstory is rather heartbreaking and you understand why she is the way she is. Although, I would stay say does need some professional help more than anybody else in this show.

SKY Castle (2018)

Apart from how Sky Castle talks about education, it has the typical love triangle jargon, love that is unacceptable by the parents due to societal pressure and the message of choosing to be good over evil.

It also talks about abandonment issues , domestic problems and mental health, which was an amazing addition to all the mess.

Rating: ★★★★⍣

Overall, I was thoroughly thrilled with how much well they handled such touchy issues, while giving some important life lessons along the way.


Release : 2018
Episodes: 20
Genre : Mystery| Drama
Streaming On: Viki.

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