Typewriter |2019

I loved “Stranger Things” and when the Trailer of this series gave me the same vibe, I was sold!
However, I have a personal notion that Indian Cinematography doesn’t suffice my spooky needs.


Three young friends in Goa plan to search an old villa for ghosts, but when a new family moves in, the home’s buried past resurfaces in chilling ways.


This mini series only consisting of 5 episodes would be better off as a movie!

It has those typical tropes – A haunted house with a past, annoyingly curious children and some cringe worthy horror scenes.

Nothing really stood out with its story, but a nice attempt with wrapping the story with an Illuminati Concept

So, the paranormal aspect in this story is a an extremely old , cliche trope that lacks originality. A powerful ghost that is dead for several years and has the ability to do almost any spooky thing you can imagine but can be destroyed with nothing but a typewriter.

Unlike Stranger Things, the Children’s operations are problematic and serve no real purpose with the story line. I would rather like it if the children were directly affected with the plot. However, It’s just a family member of the new family that moves in that is really connected to this supposedly “horrific” timeline while we have a bunch of nosy kids that want to be a part of everything.

It started off well, and continued to be mysterious on a certain level. However, it eventually lost it’s charm with its nonsensical supernatural elements.

Overall, It is spooky but only on an elementary level and if you don’t care about the logical loopholes.

Rating: ★★⍣


Release : 2019
Episodes: 5
Genre : Horror| Thriller
Streaming On: Netflix.

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