The Lift Boy | 2019

So, My family has turned movie nights a weekly tradition . Sometimes we cheat, we do it thrice a week. So yes, I have ended up watching a lot of movies in this lock down. :). Also, I am running out of family friendly movies. ๐Ÿ˜› Lift boy was supposed to be a slice of life kind of movie ended up being a life lesson kind of epilogue delivered by my beloved mother. ๐Ÿ˜›
Don’t get me wrong though, I loved every bit of this movie.


The Lift Boy (2019)

The Lift Boy is a coming of age story of a 24-year-old vagabond who is forced to work at a posh building in Mumbai as a Lift Boy when his bread-winning father falls ill.


I loved how there is a subtle highlight on the dignity of labor. Which, I realized India as a whole lacks. There is this particular scene where he greets a resident with a huge smile but then he quickly follows it up by giving a cold shoulder to the maid that walks into the lift.
He is constantly looking down on his father that was a Lift Boy all his life.
It’s hard to explain how well this movies portrays the dignity of labor and the economic class difference that prevails in the society.
Respect is given based on the type of job you do and how much you earn from it.

We are the society and if we need to see a change . Be the good in the society and look how just a small difference can make a change. Do your part in being good, and responsible.

I feel this movie tugs at you to feel that money can solve an issue Well, yes that is the surface of what the moral brings to you. Dig a little deeper, and helping is the next lesson this movie delivered. But for me, this talks about the mindset of a person living in a society that doesn’t believe in dignity of labor. A peer pressure of some sorts to choose only particular types of careers . It’s only then you are termed successful.
So then again, it made me wonder. Is money the only problem? Isn’t the collective mindset of not diversifying dreams and believing everyone has the right to dream big the real message here?

To be honest, this movie is such a multilayered movie, and I bet there is a lot to learn from this movie.

Rating: โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

Overall, This movie ends in a very hopeful note. It’s thought provoking and has delivered an important message that is much needed for society to prevail.


Release : 2019
Language: English
Genre : Slice Of Life
Streaming On: Netflix

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