Top Ten Favorite Book Characters

Hello Book Lovers,

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday’s post! Let me start by mentioning how hard this was for meΒ  becauseΒ  I can’t just for the life of me decide on my favorite characters.Β  πŸ™‚
I consciously haven’t mentioned the obvious ones like Harry PotterΒ  and Percy Jackson, since I believe they are universally tagged as favorite book characters … if you know what I mean!

Wesley Ayers from The Archived

The Archived (The Archived, #1)

So yea somewhere by the end of the book, the “guy liner” managed to get a place in my heart and by that I mean He is a a fucking ray of sunshine in a gray world. πŸ˜›







Mary Iris Malone from Mosquitoland


I loved her inner monologue, and her recklessness. Honestly, this character isn’t perfect she has her flaws. Let’s just sayΒ  I read this book in a period where I was going through some stuff myself andΒ  Mary made me feel less lonely.

Aza Holmes from Turtles All The Way Down

I love when I can relate to characters and Aza is one of them. She is trying to lead a normal life, not hurt the people who love her but it is difficult due to the ever tightening spiral of thoughts she is caught in. Especially her panic attacks. I am with you girl!
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  • Peter Kavinsky from Always and Forever, Lara Jean

    And the Boyfriend of the Year award goes to….. Peter Kavinsky <3
    * heart eyes* yet another crush on a boy that doesn’t exist… <335247769. sy475

  • Magnus Chase from Magnus Chase and the Gods Of Asgard Series

    Magnus is smart, hilarious and cool. Hell, Magnus is awesome!

    The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #1)


  • HeartstoneΒ  from Magnus Chase and the Gods Of Asgard Series

    I loved this series alot! Especially Heartstone. My heart went out to him! HE is dumb and deaf and has daddy issues. And Still so courageous and such a good friend28006120

  • August Pullman from Wonder

    August Pullman taught me kindness. To be kind despite anything else. He showed me there is strength in kindness. And I owe him alot!

  • Wibur and Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web


    So these are two characters from the same book. But, If you have read the book I can’t take one name over the other. Wilbur and Charlotte;s are friendship goals you guys! I cried over a spider and a pig. πŸ˜›
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  • Aru Shah from Aru Shah and the Song of Death.

    Aru Shah is strong, and is one of the many POC Character that speaks her mind, is not a damsel in distress and is so very relatable. I did a review on this book as well, this was one of my anticipated releases of the year. And Aru Shah did not disappoint.

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  • Darius Kellner from Darius The Great Is Not Okay


    Darius is fighting for his attention and acceptance from his dad, all this while feeling he isn’t good enough. I loved the sibling jealousy and how he took his time to warm up to his extended family.
    Being practically friendless, he was so naive and absolutely eager to be friends with Sohrab and Darius’s friendship has been so pure and wholesome.

    This book made me fall in love with Persion food and its culture. Here is my review.37506437


    Who are your Favorite Book Characters? Let’s Chat!
    Mention a link to your post, if you have done this tag. I would love to read them!



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