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Every now and then, I lean on Stand-up Comedy for a little laugh. These days,  Stand-Up Comedy as an Industry is growing rapidly and I appreciate the fact there are such talented people out there making us laugh when it is so easy to get lost in the daily turmoil of what we call life.

My favorite kind of comedy though is the Anecdotal Comedy. 


Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King is a 2017 American stand-up comedy film written by and starring Hasan Minhaj. Illustrated with old photos and peppered with Hindi and Urdu phrases, Homecoming King features a central theme of the immigrant experience in the United States, based on true stories from Minhaj’s life as the California-born son of Indian Muslim immigrant parents. He discusses his childhood growing up in mostly white Davis, California, where he lived alone with his dad for eight years while his mother was finishing medical school in India. He talks about the pressures of being the child of demanding immigrant parents while at the same time experiencing racism, bullying and rejection from the outside world. Stories include his mother returning to California with a younger sister he didn’t know existed, his family receiving threats and harassment after 9/11, his heartbreaking senior prom night (when he went to pick up his date only to discover her parents had found her a white boy to take because of “how it would look”) and disapproval from his parents that he was engaged to a Hindu woman.


  • I  first discovered Hasan Minhaj on Patriot Act. I loved how he sheds light on real life issues blanketed under the comical act.  What is a comedian, if he can’t make us laugh about a  shitty situation!

  • Homecoming is way more than just an average comedy show. He portrays an immigrants life so well. I did not only understand the problems he faced but could also relate to it. This vividly funny memoir made me chuckle and sigh at the same time.

  • Even though it starts out on a lighter note and continues to have the fun element , it enters the dark territory of racism with respect to color and religion. It is his acceptance of  being the bigger person in a world who is constantly out there to look down on him.

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  • This stand up comedy brings a lot to the table no matter with what lens you chose to look at it with. Hasan being an amazing story teller, this stand-up comedy film also makes it a true account of an immigrant growing up  in America along with being an absolutely hilarious anecdote.

He obviously has found a new fan and I can’t wait to see more of his content on The Daily Show or Netflix. I totally recommend  this.
Just watch it already!

Rating :★★★★★


Published : 2017
Genre : Anecdotal Comedy
Language : English
Streaming on : Netflix

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