So, I stumbled upon this movie while browsing the app. It quickly caught my attention as I had loved the first movie in this series. I was curious to see how this one turns out especially because I have always liked Rani Mukerji’s acting in particular and the story line seemed hard hitting. It’s nice to see more movies addressing social issues in the society instead of just making a movie for entertainment purpose only.

This movie is a must watch.


Aditya Chopra, Rani Mukerji, Rajesh Sharma, Deepika Amin, Shruti Bapna, Gopi Puthran, and Vikram Singh Chauhan in Mardaani 2 (2019)
A 21-year old boy Sunny has a penchant for sexually assaulting and killing girls. He’s locked horns with top cop Shivani Shivaji Roy. Will she nab him?


    Okay.. so yes there a few minor technical issues but despite that it is far better than watching a movie like Singham or Dabbang that I can’t understand why we needs multiple parts of. Even the stupid moments like the witness going missing or the criminal escaping her clutches seemed to help the plot move forward and reiterate the message of the movie.
    Just like the first part, this one maintains the thrill of the cat and mouse chase. The first movie deals with a child trafficking mafia while this one with a psychopath that sexually assaults girls. The Police Officer seemed smart and logical enough in the way she carried out the investigation. The Chase also makes you realize how easy it is for the criminal to blend with the crowd again.
    The Villain in this movie steals the show. The acting is extra ordinary and stays true to the character’s traits.
    I loved how the story dives deep in the rape mentality. Why would someone think of doing such a heinous crime. While the answer is obvious. I find a larger part of the society agrees with his mindset even though disagreeing to the actual crime. It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and address the society’s mindset when it comes to a women getting raped because the way she dresses, talks or what she does.
    To be honest, the WHY HE COMMITS THIS CRIMES revelation is honestly hard hitting.
    Apart from the obvious strong message in the movie. It also reinforces the WOMAN CAN TOO vibe. Her interview with the journalist is strong and crisp. Apart from that, the scenes where her junior male police man’s ego is hurt and how he can’t take a women for a senior is quite a subtle but quite strong reality shown in the movie

Rating: ★★★★★

Overall, This movie is an intense crime drama based on one of the most heinous crimes against women India faces. It delivers the message quite confidently and doesn’t shy away from addressing some serious issues. Highly Recommend.


Release : 2019
Language: Hindi
Genre : Drama, Action, Crime
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

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