So finally I am done watching Money Heist and OMG! I have all the feels right now and can’t wait for Season 5 to be released already. I have been obsessed with this series ever since the beginning. I probably have some weird obsession with Heists. πŸ˜›
Also, it’s been more than a year I am listening to Bella Ciao on repeat and still haven’t been over it. What are you even watching if you haven’t watched this series. πŸ˜› I seriously judge people who dislike this series. LOL.
I don’t know how to review this one so I am going to just bombard you’ll with random thoughts I am left with.


La Casa de Papel (2017)

Part 4 begins with the group of robbers still stuck in the Royal Mint of Spain attempting to get out. While Part 3 ended with Nairobi being seriously injured and a call for war. The Professor thinks Lisbon is executed and struggles to get to terms with that.


This one breaks my heart when it comes to Nairobi. We know she is shot, and well there is significant part of part 4 that she gets to play but well.. :/ I am sad. I am really sad how things ended for her.

Is the Professor going to be safe. Is that bitchy cop going to catch up and is it game over. No it can’t be. The show has to go on.. We need them to successfully get out of the bank and live their happy lives they deserve.. πŸ˜›
Oh well, look at me totally siding with criminals now. :). Well, that’s what money heist made me do. πŸ˜›

That’s all I need to say about this guy.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'If I was in a room with my ex and Arturo roman and my gun had two bullets, I'd shoot Arturo twice.'

He made me fall in love with him all over again. God! His wedding episode was so beautiful.

The one that puts me on the edge every time I see on the screen. The police in this season hasn’t acted all dumb and tries to be one step ahead. She is also given quite a bit back story too which gives her character even more depth.

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Overall, Money Heist is totally worth the hype and will get you hooked on the very first episode. One of my all time favorites. Must Watch.


Release : 2020
Episodes: 8
Genre : Crime, Action
Streaming On: Netflix.

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