Cherry Blossoms | 2017 | Webtoon

I have recently got myself into Web Comics. Mostly because I downloaded the Webtoons App
So I am hoping to read and review a few every now and then. ๐Ÿ˜›

I love traditional comics and Manga, but some of these Webtoons seem really interesting and I want to give it a try! Have you read any web comics? Would love some suggestions.


Cherry Blossoms is about a boy who hasย  a crush on a girl he meets every week on the bus stop. He has been having this crush on her since a year now, but did not have the courage to tell her about it.
Until when he realizes he is moving and will not be able to see her anymore.ย  The most memorable he has is the walk with her through a beautiful pathway surrounded by Cherry Blossoms during the Cherry Blossoms Season.


  • This Webtoon is surprisingly short. I loved the symbolism in this book.ย  While love is important to blossom your relationship , it is also timing that plays a major role in it.


  • The Art Style in this book is amazing! Loved the black and white illustrations with little pink accent colors, that represent the color of the cherry blossoms obviously. Aesthetics!

    2019-06-17 07.41.14 1

  • This was inspired by the song “First Love” by Busket Busker. And I loved the lyrics.

    I felt the story wrapped up too quickly, and was wanting to left more.ย  Although it is a cute love story and I would recommend it if you want to read a quick something during a lunch break .

    Rating :โ˜…โ˜…


Episodes: 7
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