You know it’s March when there is so much buzz about Women everywhere. All I wish, it wasn’t just about one day and the way of life. Well, this book gives hope. This book demands for a revolution. I am all for celebrating Women’s Day and everything. In my point of view, at last we have a day we officially take time out and address the situation.
However, more than just reading Books by Women Authors, this month I picked up a book that celebrates Women, that has inspiring women characters and and being the rebellion and fighting for equality, an opportunity or just plain freedom to do what you want before society judges you based on what gender category you fall in.


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When Amber runs, it’s the only time she feels completely free – far away from her claustrophobic home life. Her father wants her to be a dutiful daughter, waiting for an arranged marriage like her sister Ruby.Running is a quiet rebellion. But Amber wants so much more – and she’s ready to fight for it.It’s time for a revolution.


Run Rebel is a story written in verse for the women that chose to live their lives on their own terms, in a patriarchal society that call them rebels. There are so many underlying themes this book covers but the one that touched me the most was the emphasis on having a healthy household, education, freedom to choose and so called “societal judgement”.

Amber is not perfect she is a bully herself. But, she has her struggles and you end up empathizing with her. You try and understand why does she feel the need to bully when she has been bullied by her father every day? She comes from an Indian background where as much as talking to a guy will get her in trouble. Her parents aren’t educated. Her sister was married to a man at a very young age even though she wanted to get a degree. Her father is an alcoholic and is abusive. Even so, she chose to rise up and rebel and fight for what she wants. I love how much hope this book gives even though how dark the themes get.

This book is the kind of feminism least discussed in society. I am so glad I picked this up in March as the women in this book are exceptionally inspiring. Especially Amber & her Mother. And, we have a bit of romance and it’s cute and fluffy and everything and has the high school love vibe. I honestly, wasn’t into it much as I was more interested in Amber’s Family more. My heart went out to her and her mother and Ruby and Beena and Harpreet and all the women that had to give up their dreams or be looked down upon all because they were born in a patriarchal society

RATING: ★★★★.5

Overall, Run Rebel comes with some trigger warnings like domestic abuse, trauma, and bullying. Definitely recommend if you loved The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.


Published: March 5th 2020
Genre: YA| Contemporary | Poetry
Pages: 496
Publisher: Penguin

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