Why I Love To Read On My Kindle | Bookish Rant

Ever since my college days, I have been reading Ebooks on the Google Play Books App.
While I still use it occasionally. I have been using my Kindle ever since I purchasedΒ  one in 2015.
To be honest, I have read able to read more ever since I decided to read on my Kindle and I love to read on my Kindle.
This is not a post criticizing paperbacks. This is a post me being thankful for my Kindle. I love paperbacks. Every weekend, I am at a bookshop staring at beautiful covers wishing I had enough money to buy them all. πŸ˜›
I still love reading on my Kindle more
Here is why :


  • Reasonably Cheaper Prices for almost every book

    I have read so far as compared to a Paperback or Hardback edition. This means I can buy more books in the money I save for buying my books.Β  To be honest, I am not financially well off to buy the mount of books I wish to buy. Also, buying paperbacks means I need to account for a bookshelf in a rented apartment that is a temporary abode, which means I need to keep moving these books everyΒ  time I move.Β  I am too lazyΒ  to be doing that! πŸ˜›

  • I Read Multiple Books at a Time! I am a total mood reader.I would read a few chapters of one book on my way to work. Read another in my break and another on my way back. If it wasn’t for my kindle, I would have to carry 3 books with me or at least 2.Β  Kindle helps me have an option of reading any book I like, anywhere, as long as I have it in my library.

  • I usually read at Night, until I fall asleep. Apart from reading on my commute, I am usually reading in bed. I hate to have the lights after 10, because I feel I stayed up too long and have a psychological trigger of being tired the next day! I know it doesn’t make sense. But trust me, I know my body works in mysterious ways.


  • I do not need to pull out my dictionary every time I want to know the meaning of something. I am someone wanting to know a meaning of a word, right away. Before going ahead with the story. I can’t just highlight it and leave it for later. I just can’t! Kindle Dictionary helps a lot with that!

  • I can highlight and write notes in my book, as much as I want. Without feeling guilty about ruining the book.Β  I love writing my thoughts down while reading. I love highlighting new words I come across, beautiful quotes and momentsΒ in the book.Β  And If I wasn’t doing it digitally, I would be Defacing the books I own and brain is unlikely to let that go!

  • I am less intimidated with bigger books.Β  Since I cam’t physically see the number of pages in a book and how thick it is. I am more inclined to pick a book I want to read, without being intimidated by the number of pages.


  • Net galleyΒ ARCS! Recently, I have joined Net galleyΒ to review ARCS. And if you are someone that is comfortable reading on your Kindle like me. Net galley will be a treasure chest to you.Β  I am a book blogger, and reviewing ARCS is a part of what /i want to do. Net galley sends E ARCS on my kindle, and I never thought I could be happy to read on my Kindle any more than this.

    Do you like reading on your Kindle? Tell me why or why not, in the comments below! πŸ˜€


  1. I love reading too πŸ™‚ I have never really read any ebooks myself, so it was really nice to be able to read the benefits of ebooks from someone who clearly loves and often reads ebooks!

  2. I totally agree with you. I have found and read so many books since I took up digital reading.