Evidence Of The Affair By Taylor Jenkins Reid

I became a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid right after I listened to “Daisy Jones & The Six“. I was in love with her writing style and her ability to make her characters so complex and realistic. I soon picked up – Evidence Of The Affair and she is now on my Auto-Buy Authors List


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The correspondence between Carrie Allsop and David Mayer reveals, piece by piece, the painful details of a devastating affair between their spouses. With each commiserating scratch of the pen, they confess their fears and bare their souls. They share the bewilderment over how things went so wrong and come to wonder where to go from here.

Told entirely through the letters of two comforting strangers and those of two illicit lovers, Evidence of the Affair explores the complex nature of the heart. And ultimately, for one woman, how liberating it can be when it’s broken.


One thing I love about short stories is how it leaves a lot to your imagination. It begs you to think about the characters and leaves you wanting more. And this story does just that.
Even though short, it manages to put across such strong significance of loyalty in a relationship.

“It is funny the crazy things our brains make up to save us from the truth.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid

The characters in this book share their distress over their cheating partners through letters and how it affects them mentally. I could truly relate to their feelings of not being enough or the feeling of being inadequate as I have been cheated on in the past myself. The diminishing self esteem in the characters is so well done even though they are struggling to get past their circumstances and start afresh.

“Protect your happiness at all costs.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Adultery has always been a sensitive topic for me to discuss and reading this bought back a lot of toxic memories from my past relationship. It goes deeper than just feeling heartbroken about losing the love of your life to someone else. It breaks you as a person and what you believe true love is.
The two characters in this book – one portraying the role of a husband and another of a wife gives you a chance to look at how each of them slowly break down when it comes to a toxic relationship.

The story is definitely engaging, raw and honest. It’s take on betrayal is unusual and I highly recommend it.

RATING: ★★★★

Overall, Evidence Of The Affair is a fast paced and heart breaking short story and will leave you hoping the best for these two characters while they deal with adultery.


Published: September 20th 2018
Genre: Adult | Contemporary
Pages: 115
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories

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