I binge watched Pushpavalli Season 2 this weekend pushing all my weekend tasks aside. Also, because I am having a bad ache ever since my wisdom tooth decided to grow. So for the time being I choose to curl up in a ball and not book an appointment with my dentist because I haven’t unlocked that level of adulting as yet. ๐Ÿ™‚
Nevertheless, I was excited when Pushpavalli made a come back seeking revenge. Yes.You go girl, even though you are problematic AF. ๐Ÿ˜› I loved how creepy and disturbing Season 1 was. I thought that was it. Hence, was intrigued to see what Season 2 had in store and I am sure left wanting for more.


Sumukhi Suresh in Pushpavalli (2017)

Restraint, boundaries and animal rights are all things Pushpavalli failed to learn last season. We saw Pushpavalli’s harmless infatuation for the charming Bhindi exporter Nikhil Rao turn into an obsession. From stealing Nikhil’s dog to breaking her leg to get his attention, Pushpavalli set herself up to be embarrassed and yelled at by everyone around her. Hurt and distressed, her boss/childhood friend Pankaj advised her to go back home to Bhopal. Did she? No. Instead she stays back and seems to seek revenge…


One thing that won’t go unnoticed is how many comedians are part of this series. Especially the one’s from the recent season of Comicstaan. Which makes such dramatic and serious scenes turn into one hilarious moment.

Prime Video: Pushpavalli - Season 2

I found these two specifically too creepy.Honestly, everybody in the hostel are weird. Especially Vasu. Although, She does have her priorties set right when it comes to running a business.

To be completely honest, I do not ship Nikhil and Pushpavalli as much as I do Pushpavalli and Vidyuth. I mean yes, Nikhil is hotter and better looking and stuff. But his personality is shit. Many a times, I got the vibe Pushpavalli is only physically attracted to Nikhil and connected more with Vidyuth. But Oh well!

โ€˜Pushpavalliโ€™, The New Series On Amazon Prime, Is A ...

Pankaj! He has some serious anger management issues. Even though he is always treating Pushpavalli badly, I do understand his point of view as she does put his business in jeopardy and he eagerly tries to help her out of shitty situations even though he is not very happy about it. Especially, with how the ending turned out, I am hoping I get to see more of him in the next series.
Also, some of his advice to Pushpavalli are gold. And “Calm Your Blouse” is the new phrase added to my lingo ever since I watched this ๐Ÿ˜›

Pushpavalli (2017)

While the whole series is based around the theme of unrequited love. We do see some romance between Swati and Kaju. Personally, I kind of find the nickname pretty cute and a rather nice sub plot to the series. I really hope they end up together. Even here, I do not like Nikhil hanging about and ruining things between them even though indirectly. >< .

Lastly, Pushpavalli is busy plotting her revenge. I kind of felt she should be moving on already. But, she obviously just doesn’t get it.:P I found her character craving for attention every step of the way and not coming to terms with her feelings. Unknowingly, she turns out to be a bitch to Vidyuth with not much remorse and not willing to make amends rather making the situation worse. To sum it up, Pushpavalli has shit decision making skills and needs to consult a therapist ๐Ÿ˜›

Rating: โ˜…โ˜…โ˜….5

Overall, there are subtle similarities to the TV Series YOU. And you are bound to love this if you loved Joe’s character. Pushpavalli as a character is a stalker, and doesn’t deal with unrequited love very well. Also, the fact how society approaches the idea of a beauty plays an important role in this series and is a must watch when i comes to understanding what a person goes through in such situation. Of course in this case, it does tend to get a bit too extreme ๐Ÿ˜›


Release : 2020
Episodes: 8
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

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