Everything I Read… February 2020

Wow! I have no idea how February is already over. It feels like only yesterday I was talking about the books I read in January. However, I must say a lot has happened in February in my personal and professional life atleast. I traveled to Zurich for a weekend and I won a new freelance project so I can hope to afford more travels and more books now πŸ˜› Yayy! πŸ˜› I am almost done with my Online Course I have been taking to improve my Design Skills and awaiting a response for the Student Loan I have applied for to do my masters.
Apart from that, I have started two new projects or blogs per se πŸ˜›
One dedicated to Interior Design ( which was obvious to start someday) and a Personal Lifestyle Blog ( which was something I was meaning to start for a long time now so yes finally!)

Reading wise though, I haven’t accomplished much and I am not really sad about it since I got a lot done in other parts of my life. πŸ˜› Also, I did pick up a big book and also a Non- Fiction Book so it has been a fairly productive reading month. And the good part both were amazing reads! However, hopefully March will turn out better. – Quantity wise after all I have to reach the Good reads Goal :p
(No pressure though) πŸ˜›



Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

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One thing you need to know about this book which does not come as a surprise is that it is not easy to read. You will put down this book several times as the graphic descriptions of the atrocities in this book will leave your heart aching. It will remind you that nothing got better since then but ended up only getting worse. I still urge you to pick up this book especially if you claim to be a nationalist for it’s you who needs to embrace the burden of supporting a government with blood on its hands the most..


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Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

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This book has it all. Even though it revolves around politics and religion – the two topics I am not a fan of. I was mesmerized with how beautifully the message has been delivered.
Highly recommend if you are new to Brandon Sanderson or Epic Fantasy.


I read 894 pages across 2 books. Out of which, one was a Non Fiction – Memoir and one was an Epic Fantasy.

Have you’ll read any of these books?
How many books have you managed to finish this month? Do leave a link to your February Wrap Up and I’d love to check it out. Let’s Chat!


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