Ella May Does It Her Way by Mick Jackson |ARC

Expected Publication : 18 June 2019

Genre: Children’s Fiction | Picture Books

Pages: 32

Publisher: words & pictures

The ARC of this picture book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

 What is it about?


Hello and welcome to Ella May, the girl who likes to do things her way. In the first of this brilliant new series all about an imaginative, strong-willed girl character with her own ideas, Ella May tries walking backward, just to see how it feels. In her bedroom she tries reading her books backward, and after dinner she goes backward up to the bathroom and climbs backward into bed. When Ella goes backward up the slide and backward over the castle, Ella’s mum decides to turn around and walk backward next to Ella, to make it easier for them to talk. Pretty soon, half the town is walking backward in a giant, backward-walking procession. Where will it end?


Ella May starts out as a promising character to encourage children to try new things and explore new hobbies.  Children are rather reluctant and choose to remain in their comfort zone.  This book is the journey of her exploring new things, her way.
Personally, This book made me wonder if I need to be more adventurous
As a person, I myself am very picky in trying new things especially with food!


It also sheds light on how people follow others blindly, which implies on the social media effect on people.
While it does open conversation with kids, to explore new things it also builds the notion of  being unique always.  It is okay to do what you want , your way as long it is the right thing. However, I also feel it does not necessarily mean you have to be different or special or stand out the crowd.

I rarely read picture books, but this book opened a whole new genre for me to explore.  I was intrigued by the strong message we teach children through stories, and this does a good job at delivering it.

The illustrations are cute and pretty as well!

I will recommend this book, to young readers for its engaging graphics, story line and most importantly the message of simply trying new things and being adventurous.


Rating: ★★★