We Used To Be Friends by Amy Spalding

I am in the mood to pick up newer releases this year and I am taking full advantage of this. My second 2020 Release of the year – We used to be Friends.
Thanks to Storytel, I have been open to pick up more audio books than ever.
I have been a loyal audio book listener and almost listen to an hour’s worth every day. Consistency is progress ~Hence Proved.:p


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Told in dual timelines—half of the chapters moving forward in time and half moving backward—We Used to Be Friends explores the most traumatic breakup of all: that of childhood besties. Funny, honest, and full of heart, We Used to Be Friends tells of the pains of growing up and growing apart.


BEST FRIENDS BREAKUP – I was rather intrigued with the theme that this book is marketed on. It’s very rare to see a book focusing on a platonic breakup. I have gone through a best friend breakup myself and although we did not let that be the end of our friendship I could relate to a lot of things in the book. Without doubt, this book does a good job on the unfinished story of two best friends .

It doesn’t have a closure, neither it makes it a story that is based on a huge fight which makes it more realistic to believe. They slowly feel ignored, misunderstood, left out and drift away.

“I assumed if something was going on, you would have told me,” I say. “I tell you everything.” “God, don’t I know it,” she says. “When would there have been room for my problems? For me at all?” Whoa. “James . . . it’s not like that. I tell you everything because you’re my best friend.” “But it’s not like that,” she says. “It’s like I’ve been your therapist. You dump all over me and then you don’t even stick around to reciprocate. At least therapists get paid. I’m just doing all of it for free.”

Amy Spalding, We Used To Be Friends

Even though, the premise of this story kept me turning the pages. The characters in this book seemed a bit flat in a way they expressed their conflicts. Kat was the most developed and the author did a great job in taking us through each story that unfolds building more curiosity to the reader. Kat lost her mother two years ago, got cheated on with her boyfriend and now finds herself in a relationship with a girl. She comes off as a carefree and impulsive individual. James, on the other hand has her whole life planned, has a loving boyfriend but is kind of disoriented with her parent’s divorce.

“By the time you realize you’re thirsty, it’s too late. You’re already dehydrated. Therefore, it stands to reasons that if you feel the end coming, you’re already there.”

Amy Spalding, We Used To Be Friends

One of the biggest issue I had with this book was keeping track of the timeline. Half of the chapters moving forward in time and Half moving backward placed alternatively was extremely frustrating and confusing. So here is a tip if you pick this book – pay attention on the timelines.
Also, It’s weird, I loved the side characters in this book more than the best friends that this story is based upon. Especially Quinn & Logan.


Overall, This book truly feels YA with how unsure the characters are about their life and deals with a least talked about issue teens face while growing up -losing friends.


Published: January 7th 2020
Genre: YA | LGBT | Contemporary
Pages: 384
Publisher: Amulet

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