On Your Wedding Day| 2018

I am not a professional critique for movies, I do not judge movies on cinematography, acting or direction and other technical stuff. I prefer talking and sharing my feelings about the entire film in general.and some times the good looks ๐Ÿ˜›

I love Slice Of Life Movies the most and more than that I love movies that leave you with a beautiful message and an after taste and craving for fiction to roll over into reality. 

I have decided to watch as many Movies I can no matter what language as long as I get the English subtitles for them ๐Ÿ˜›

 Stories capture the essence of culture and diversity throughout the world and I am here to embrace all that Cinema has to offer as a fan of Stories and not the technical part of movie making.

So here is the first review to be followed by many more to come from here on…



On Your Wedding Day, is a Romantic – Comedy and Drama-ish movie. It is the story of the man who receives a wedding invitation from his first love that he met in high school.

It’s a movie that encourages you to “carpe diem



  • I loved Woo-Yeon’s character in this movie. He isn’t perfect. He has his flaws and his stupid moments but I still found myself rooting for him and his cute smile throughout the movie,

  • His Transition from being a High school Student to growing up and chasing his dream and his love to being in a job he doesn’t like that much and going to his Ex’s Wedding is an absolute roller coaster ride.  One of those rides we all can relate to! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The depiction of high school life , are on point and it did put me in a nostalgic mood. So kudos to real life illustrations that were a delight to watch.

  • I loved the portrayal of ambition and no- bullshit to be tolerated female character, instead of the damsel in distress. She knew what she wanted and she did not be a fool in love. She was focused on her career and mostly taught me to choose myself , my dreams and my needs over anybody else

  • I love how there is a subtle underlying feeling of realization for each of the characters in this movie which makes it so realistic and delivers the message of the movie rather clearly no matter which side of the story you relate to.

This isn’t “just” a story about lost love. It is so much more! It captures the transitions of growing up  and teaches you to seize the moment.

It leaves you with an after thought of losing the one you love, your soulmate to the world and its circumstances. It’s a story of moving on and living it up none the less!


Rating: โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…


Release : 2018
Genre : Romance| Slice Of Movie
Language : Korean
Starring : Park Bo-Young, Kim Young-Kwang
Director: Lee Seok-Geun
Streaming On: Viki

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