Say Her Name by Zetta Elliott

This is my first 2020 Release I’ve finished reading.. YAYY! Only 49 more to go.:P SO yes, I have decided I am setting myself an unofficial goal to read 50 books that are released this year. You know with dedicating a blog to reviewing book it’s only sensible if I review much newer books.:P
So, now to talking about this amazing poetry collection – Say Her Name.



Patrice Caldwell at Disney-Hyperion has acquired world rights, at auction, to Zetta Elliott’s Say Her Name, a YA poetry collection that conjures #BlackGirlMagic with poems inspired by iconic Black female/femme artists and activists. Publication is planned for spring/summer 2019; Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency brokered the deal.


I finished this book in one sitting. It was no doubt a quick read and left me feeling enlightened. I have written quite a few poems myself, to agree with the author – that a poetry is written when you are hurt and feel the need to express your pain in a civilized way. This has always been my way of protesting and resisting and I am glad I wasn’t the only one.

Say her name and solemnly vow

Never to forget, or allow

Our sisters’ lives to be erased;

Their presence cannot be replaced.

This senseless slaughter must stop now.

Every Haiku in this book deals with a unique and much needed subject with regards to feminism, black lives, global racism and gender discrimination.

My halo is not yours to regulate

It explains what it means to be black and what it means to be a woman. It talks about the constant conspiracy of dragging them down, the subtle comments on the way they do their hair or dress. The constant reminder of being different as if different means weak, bad and alien. It celebrates diversity and women pride.


Overall, This book touches on subjects of police brutality, the specific oppression of African American women, sexual assault, racial inequality, imbalanced media coverage, black resistance and empowerment.


Published: January 14th 2020
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 112
Publisher: Disney Hyperion

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