Wake N’ Bake | Rohan Joshi | 2020 | Stand Up Comedy

With every thing happening around me, India as a country specifically, and the world on a global level – a little laughter therapy quite does help. ๐Ÿ˜›
An hour long comedy that sets a lighter tone to the existential crisis we face quite literally and metaphorically to some level.


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Wake N Bake, is Rohan Joshi’s first stand-up special. Even though well known for his AIB Gigs – he proves to be equally funny individually talking about life in one’s thirties, home renovation, (thrilling, we know), not being cut out for marriage or roadtrips, and living a 420- friendly life .


The relevancy of this with the growing issues in India is on point keeping in mind the safest approach to delivering your opinion that is equally funny and thought provoking.

Being an Interior Designer myself, the home renovation jokes hit home for me. For the record, I do have clients coming up with totally random reference images.

Also, being constantly on the wedding radar myself -The marriage jokes are outright hilarious. The fact that I can resonate with so much of this content is absolutely sad and funny at the same time.

“When I was a child, I loved the concept of marriages but as I grew older, I realised when you’re young, you see a lot of weddings, but in your 30s, you see a lot of marriage,” (dramatic pause) “and the two give you wildly different perspectives.”

Rohan Joshi

He also mocks the Indian Education System and literally takes a walk through his privilege ladder of being a South Bombay-born, English-educated, fair-skinned, cisgender, heterosexual, Hindu, Brahmin man describing each of these adjectives as a floor in an ivory tower.

“I just need to go vegan, and they’ll give me the penthouse.”

Rohan Joshi

He also goes ahead and puts down his manifesto of being a Prime Minister and lays out his proposal . One of them being legalizing weed. And his take on Statues in India is the best joke in the entire show. Even though I laughed out every other minute while watching this. He puts on a very subtle political message which will hit hard given the situation in India currently.

Overall, This justifies my decision of continuing my account with Amazon Prime Video. Also read, they are coming up with a political comedy – Gormint and I’m totally looking forward to see more of his shows. Absolutely love his sense of humor.

Rating :โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…


Published : 2020
Genre : Anecdotal/ Observational Comedy
Language : English/Hindi
Streaming on : Amazon Prime

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