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I recently watched Pushapavalli Season 2 created by Sumukhi Suresh as well and quickly followed it up with her stand up special – Dont Tell Amma. She is an extremely talented comedian and fairly under rated in my point of view.
And without further ado – I am going to share my thoughts now ๐Ÿ˜›


Sumukhi Suresh in Don't Tell Amma by Sumukhi Suresh (2019)

Have you ever lied to your Amma about staying back at Shruti’s house? Have you lied to your Amma about being in bed when you are at a bar? Or have you ever lied to your Amma about your friends, your career, your entire life, maybe even your name? Well, Sumukhi has. Don’t Tell Amma is stand up comedian, actor and writer Sumukhi Suresh’s first stand up special. She talks about growing up poor in Nagpur but with a rich people resume, the truth about Nutella and Khichdi and most importantly about her wildcat Amma not knowing about her on stage pursuits. She has no plans to tell her Amma about this show and you better not either. But do me a favour (let’s play Holi!) and tell your Amma about the show or better, make her watch it


This Standup starts with a fairly anecdotal approach where she shares about her poor life in Nagpur with a rich person resume and pursuing a career as a comedian. Her family was poor, a typical Tamil family aspiring to let their daughter be married by a certain age and have a accomplished career. She talks about how people perceive her body and her personal take on environmentalists ( specifically The Ram Dhayal Joke) and Engineers.
I guess there is so much content on engineer sympathizers that listening to her blatantly rant about engineers truly made me laugh. One thing about her content is that it is something one can easily relate to.
Another joke that truly made me laugh out loud was her Buzzfeed Quiz on either being a Nutella or a Khichdi Girl.
Also, her take on Girls that don’t have time on loving or hating anything is so on point. Something that really got to me was the line – “Is he really worth all the love”? Haha. She kind of reveals the workings of a girl’s brain so accurately. Well, just so I don’t stereotype. At least my brain.:P

To be honest, I did not find a lot of appreciation for her Standup online, which is really sad because I can remember laughing at least 6 times in the entire show followed with some smiles. Not a stand up that is truly memorable but does the job of making you laugh and leaving you with an after thought.

Rating :โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…


Published : 2019
Genre : Anecdotal/ Observational Comedy
Language : English/Hindi
Streaming on : Amazon Prime Video

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