Jamtara- Sabka Number Ayega | 2020

It is nice to see Netflix and Amazon Prime investing in more Asian Series and Movies. And I am thrilled to make this year more about Asian Books, TV Series and Movies.
Here is to reviewing the first of the many Asian Tv Series released in 2020.


Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega (2020)

The story of young, ambitious, volatile people who have the world before them. Masterminds and cousins, Sunny and Rocky, along with their friends, quietly run a wildly successful phishing scam from the small village of Jamtara. A news report about the scam catapults the village into the limelight, throwing a spanner in the works when, suddenly, everyone wants in on the game.


Let me begin by saying I have mixed feelings about this series. It’s not like I entirely enjoyed it. However, the characters, and the setting were true to its plot and narration which makes this all the more entertaining to watch.

The slightly nonsensical plot is probably the only thing I disliked. The Phishing scams seemed repetitive after a point. However, that being the core of the story I chose to ignore that part but it does get a bit annoying. The ending is all the more rushed and felt incomplete in a way.
I have so many questions left unanswered. Does she end up going to Canada? Are they successful in putting the politician in Jail? Have the stopped the phishing entirely? I am guessing there is going to be a second season hopefully. But at this point I don’t really know.

What I most liked about this series, is that it doesn’t stray very far from the real story that took place. I love how it portrays the corruption level really well and the subtle hint of so many cases being unsolved and dragged in India.

Rating: ★★★

Overall, Jamtara is entertaining with it’s authentic Jharkand Setting and Characters. However, it does get a bit too monotonous.


Release : 2020
Episodes: 10
Genre : Crime
Streaming On: Netflix.

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