Quoted | December 2019 Edition

I have always been a lover of meaningful quotes.
When I was little, I used to fill up notebook after notebook with quotes I resonated with.

And here is to me continuing the tradition.
After all, words have power and they sure can impact us. 

Hence,I bring to you a monthly curation of quotes I come across  during my reading journey. This one being my December 2019 Edition!

A motivational quote for a bad day!


― Francesca Cavallo, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2: 100 more stories of extraordinary women
This can make a good caption someday 😛

“She was a diamond in a quarry full of quartz.”

― Evelyn Skye, The Crown’s Game
As an atheist and a person that grew up being taught to hate a person who isn’t your religion. This hit home!

“If you’re Native American and you pray to the wolves, you’re a savage. If you’re African and you pray to your ancestors, you’re a primitive. But when white people pray to a guy who turns water into wine, well, that’s just common sense.”

― Trevor Noah, Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood
Sometimes we need a gentle reminder!

“Protect your happiness at all costs.”

― Taylor Jenkins Reid, Evidence of the Affair
True that!

“The universe might respect the law of attraction, but it respects a good hustle even more.”

― Lilly Singh, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life
As a person that is constantly being judged on how thin I am. This quote is so on point!

“All my life I’ve had a body worth commenting on and if living in my skin has taught me anything it’s that if it’s not your body, it’s not yours to comment on.”

― Julie Murphy, Dumplin’
We need to have those rainy days sometimes!

“Too much sunshine makes a desert.”

― Jasmine Warga, Other Words for Home
The art of being grateful!

“I wept because i had no shoes,
until i met a man who had no feet.”

― Ruta Sepetys, Salt to the Sea

Until Next Time!