Lucky Romance | 2016

This is a treat to fans of Rom com. It delivers in humor, drama, chemistry and has lovable characters. Lucky Romance also deals with a theme of superstitions, and how people change their course of actions and their thoughts based on superstitious things.

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This series does have tropes like Haters to Lovers, Love Triangles and the cringe-worthy  couple breakups. I loved it though!  I also love how K-dramas have such strong sub plots.
With each character dealing with their own problems!
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Je Soo is the epitome of cuteness I need , and is a pleasure to watch! His face and his smile is something to die for.  He is an adorable nervous geek with a rather smart and logical approach to life. He is a softy with a hard exterior, and has some real good dressing sense.
Lucky Romance - Ryu Jun Yeol

Lucky Romance - Ryu Jun Yeol 4

I definitely had some Second Lead Syndrome in the beginning for Lee Soo Hyuk as Gary Choi. He’s full of charm and charisma as a star tennis player who knew Bo Nui when they were children. He was very protective of her, and my heart broke a little watching him pine for her.
Lucky Romance - Lee Soo Hyuk 2

Overall, Lucky Romance is a light drama, fun- filled love story about a girl who believes to be unlucky to anyone she is close to.  I kind of felt she was over doing the damsel in distress role, and would benefit with some logic and sense in her life. To think of it there are several people in real life who are like that, and it is a must watch for them. It is about time to stop blaming your circumstances and start believing in yourself.

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