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All The Ingredients for the “Favorite Series”Recipe ft. Control Z |S1| 2020

I have mixed feelings about this one. Control Z reminded me of multiple series like Sherlock Holmes, You and Thirteen Reason Why. It almost felt like it took all the good parts of these series I liked and made this one series which is supposed to be the best thing …

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The Never Ending Cycle of Gun Violence ft. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

June 05 is known as the National Gun Violence Awareness Day, so reading this on the same day made it even more thought provoking and heart wrenching. Not that it would hit me any different if not worse on any other day.I have always been concerned with the urge of …

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An Epistolary Queer Middle Grade Novel Set At Camp? Yes, Please! ft. To Night Owl, From Dogfish

I usually come across LGBT Middle Grade Books, where the protagonist was in an environment not considered safe to come out. More like the vibe of an anxious teen that feels “different”. I know it’s more closer to a realistic approach at how people would behave. But this book – …