Boys Over Flowers |2009

So I realized I have a couple of Kdramas I watched way before I decided to share my thoughts about them on this blog. To be honest, my obsession with Kdramas has been since only a little more than a year. In this period I watched around a dozen of them and discovered what kind of Dramas I like.
Boys Over Flowers was one of the first Kdramas that are suggested. Mainly because it has all the staple KDrama vibes. It was the same with me, and I ended up binge watching all the hour long 25 episodes during a long weekend, Ever since then, I have been a loyal subscriber to Kdramas and all it’s cuteness that comes with it.

The series is about a working-class girl who gets tangled up in the lives of a group of wealthy young men in her high school.


I realized this is common in most of the K Dramas where the girl is from a poor family and the guy is extremely rich or vice versa. This trope is overdone over the years but never fails to warm your heart. However, I kind of find the love triangle in the series a mix between Cinderella and The Beauty & The Beast.

Boys Over Flowers (Review)

The differences between the economic class when it comes to love and officially tying the knot is evident in this one. The societal approach to such love stories is also quite evident. I found the actor “money can buy everything” mindset quite interesting which is influenced by the atmospheric situation

The cute romance is high on entertainment but I found the ending a bit too tad annoying. The hero conveniently forgets only memories associated with HER. Also, the amount of coincidences this series has for the story to progress is a bit too convenient making it a bit unrealistic.

However, the illogical nonsense that goes on is easily covered up by the eye candies . I loved the main character. Even though he is arrogant and a piece of shit at most of times. I found him attractive and a softie for the most part.
The other three are sweet and have their own story which gives the series a lot of depth.


Rating: ★★★

Overall, Boys Over Flower is high on its entertainment value and has a lot of cute romance moments which will give you butterflies. It’s a story of love, friendship, loyalty and loss.


Release : 2009
Episodes: 25
Genre : Drama| Romance
Streaming On: Netflix.

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  1. This was one of the first Kdramas I watched, too. Definitely a classic!

    1. True that! :p I was obsessed with Lee Min Ho after watching this

  2. Joanna @ TheGeekishBrunette

    I’ve only seen the Japanese version but ugh, I love Boys Over Flowers!

    1. Stil hve to see the Japanese one..but ive herd it was really good

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