Shining Inheritance |2009 |K-Drama Review

Shining Inheritance also known as Brilliant Legacy is a story about relationships, money, trust and the greed for money. Shining Inheritance could be classified as a retelling of Cinderella, where after her father dies her evil step mother throws her out and then she happens to the love of this prince charming who her evil sister.
Like always, I won’t be discussing the entire plot of the story because I feel it  spoils the series for other people who haven’t watched it. Hence, I will only tell you the themes of the series I really loved and enjoyed!

Total No of Episodes : 28


  • The Representation of Autism.
    I loved how this series not only sheds light on what it’s like to be an autistic person, it also shows what their family members or close ones have to go through while taking care of them. I love absolutely naive  and innocence his character is, which reminds me a lot of my cousin brother. So, kudos to the beautiful representation of Autism .

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  • Lee-Seung Ji
    He was an absolute eye candy. I seen him first in Hwayugi and totally fell in love with him. Lee Seung Gi was initially the sole reason and motivation to start this series.  I do not regret it.  I loved his look in Hwayugi but this series just proved how versatile he can be in his looks.

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  • The Romance!
    In the entire series, they only kiss twice, and that too not until like the last few episodes, so I went bananas when I finally seen them kiss. I mean yes, he is an asshole and stuff but he is cute in his own way! You know what I mean! 😛
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  • The Love Triangle Trope
    The Love Triangle Trope is played out amazingly well in this series. I honestly din’t know who to root for at times.

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  • Seung Mi!
    I cried for her. We all have those one sided crushes we could move mountains for. It is heartbreaking to watch the love of her life love someone else . Yes. but, to what extend would you go to not let them. There is a fine line between good and bad in love and she crosses all her limits which kind of makes me hate her, then also feel extremely sorry for her. I mean, she had a bad childhood and her teens weren’t painting a pretty picture either.  So I totally understood her situation, but morals can’t be played with like common! 😛 Move on 😛

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  • Jun-Se!
    Jun Se was a great character. He was kind, selfless, hard-working, and he had such a “sunny” personality. Jun Se really was the sunshine that Eun Sung needed in her life after she lost, quite literally, everything and everyone. It broke my heart to see him cry but well, Hwan took my heart away already! 😛

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  • Greed!
    Seung Mi’s mother was crazy for money.  Th extent she went , to acquire the inheritance was absolutely shitty. She was blinded by her greed and social status , she couldn’t see her daughter being ruined, her family being destroyed in the process. I mean by the end of this series she does come to her senses but oh well! She is absolutely a true villain in this entire series.  I was annoyed by the sight of her.

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Overall, this was an amazing drama with a lot of  moments I had to pause and wipe the tears for. It was a happy ending you guys! I cried sad tears and I cried happy tears ..
It was one hell of an emotional ride and it definitely is worth the 28 hours!


Rating: ★★★★

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