I Am Mother (2019) – An Apocalyptic AI Future|Netflix| Movie Review

I Am Mother, is another Netflix movie I recently watched  that left me completely baffled after Bird Box. It’s one of those dystopian stories that leaves you mind fucked and wondering if it is in-fact the future, humanity will eventually experience if we aren’t too careful.

What it is About?

A teenage girl is raised underground by a kindly robot “Mother” — designed to repopulate the earth following the extinction of mankind. But their unique bond is threatened when an inexplicable stranger arrives with alarming news.


A thought provoking sci-fi movie that doesn’t seem impossible to result into reality. Especially, with the amount of reliance on technology mankind has these days.
Initially, the bond between the Robot and the Daughter is almost too beautiful but it did give a subtle message of importance of human connection. Even though the Robot is built to carry out the task of a Mother, and raise an ideal human after the extinction of mankind. It lacks the most vital quality of humans – emotions.  While, the daughter accepts it, and believes to be safe with her mother, she is also started to feel alone in the universe.
The plot has a twist, when she has an encounter with a woman from outside the chamber and is tempted to witness the world outside. She believes that the robot is not able to reason beyond its programming, and that the world in fact is suitable to live and has other human beings.. It’s not a surprise when she realizes that Mother is evil, and is the real cause of extinction.
While this left me entirely terrified , another plot twist is when she returns to Mother, despite the truth to save her brother. This proved that she was a worthy guardian to humankind by demonstrating her selfless desire to keep the human race alive and that the Robot could trust her with the embryos.

However, this wasn’t it. The ending, when one of her droids visits Woman’s home and speaks to her using Mother’s voice: “Funny that you’ve survived so long. As if someone’s had a purpose for you. Until now.” left be shaken and chilled to the bones

Not only did Mother probably engineer the end of the human race, but she’s also been manipulating Woman this entire time too, The daughter then continues to raise her brother the exact same way like her mother and the screen fades to black and my mind was yet to wrap around  whatever the fuck I had watched!

Overall, this movie is a must watch  for every sci-fi lover.

Rating: ★★★★⍣